Electronic & Electrical Calibration

Our trained technicians are prepared to evaluate, repair, and calibrate your electronic and electrical test instruments and products at our calibration lab in Houston, Texas. We also sell a large variety of electronic and electrical products. Please contact us for your electronic and electrical calibration needs.

Field & Lab Electronic and Electrical Calibration Services

Meter Calibration

Analog Multimeter Calibration

Digital Multimeter Calibration

Photo Tachometer Calibration

Contact Tachometer Calibration

Clamp Meter Calibration

Power Supply Calibration

Oscilloscope Calibration

Function Generator Calibration

Power Meter Calibration

Frequency Counter Calibration

Timer Calibration

Ohmmeter Calibration

Megohmmeters Calibration

Micro-ohmmeters/DLRO Calibration

Wattmeter Calibration

RTD Calibration

Decade Capacitor Calibration

Stopwatch Calibration

Power Transducer Calibration

Ground Resistance Tester Calibration

Optical Meter Calibration

UV Meter Calibration

Digital Voltmeter Calibration

Fluke Calibrator Calibration

Arc Welding Data Logger Calibration

Insulation Tester Calibration

Earth Ground Tester Calibration

Clamp-on Meter Calibration

Insulation Tester Calibration

Sensor Calibration

Process Meter Calibration

ESD Device Calibration

Signal Generator Calibration

Air Ionizer Calibration

Thermocouple Meter Calibration

Battery Supply Calibration

Furnace Controllers/Hi-Limits (Simulation)

Current Probe Calibration

HV Probe Calibration

Decade Resistor Calibration

Current Shunt Calibration

Voltage Divider Calibration

Communicator Calibration

Gauss and Electric Meter Calibration

Chart Recorder Calibration

Phase Meter Calibration

3 Phase Rotation Tester Calibration

Data Logger Calibration

Voltage Converter Calibration

Light Meter Calibration

Optical Flat Calibration

Black Light Meter Calibration

DMM Calibration

Weld Monitoring Equipment & Systems Calibration

Hipot Tester Calibration

Documenting Process Calibrator Calibration

Multifunction Calibrator Calibration

Multimeter Calibration

Bench Meter Calibration

Handheld Meter Calibration

Featured Electronic & Electrical Brands

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The Validation Center (TVC)

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