Precision Measuring Tools

Thermo-Temp carries a wide variety of precision measuring tools and supplies, such as calipers, gages, micrometers, and psychrometers.

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  • Anvil Micrometer
  • Ball Micrometer
  • Bearing Micrometer
  • Blade Micrometer
  • Camlock Micrometer
  • Depth Micrometer
  • Disk Micrometer
  • Groove Micrometer
  • Head Micrometer
  • Inside Micrometer
  • Inside Tubular Micrometer
  • Laser Micrometer
  • Outside Micrometer
  • Point Micrometer
  • Screw Thread Micrometer
  • Spherical Micrometer
  • Stage Micrometer
  • Standard Micrometer
  • Tube Micrometer
  • Universal Micrometer
  • V-Anvil Micrometer


Calibrated Calipers

  • Depth Caliper
  • Dial Caliper
  • Digital Caliper
  • Vernier Caliper


  • Height Gage
  • Thread Height Gage
  • Ball Gage
  • Bore Gage
  • Coating Thickness Gage
  • Depth Gage
  • Feeler Gage


  • Sling Psychrometer
  • Fieldpiece Psychrometer
  • Digital Psychrometer
  • Pocket Psychrometer

Our dimensional product brands include:

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PMC Lone Star Gage Logo
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