Thermo-Temp is your trusted calibration resource for your instruments, tools, and equipment. We help you stay in compliance and certified so you can keep your business and processes running smoothly. Thermo-Temp provides transparency for our customers in every step of the calibration process. We will even remind you when your next calibrations are due.

We take on practically any calibration project and serve all industries and disciplines. We offer calibration services on-site at your location or at our Houston calibration lab. Our fleet of specialized delivery trucks and field service professionals ensure that your equipment is transported door-to-door with the utmost care and a personal touch.

Thermo-Temp is ISO 9001:2015 certified for calibration and repair of inspection, measuring, and test equipment, both on-site and in the field, and for the sale of control panels and equipment. We are also certified by ANAB to demonstrate technical competence in the field of calibration and meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

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Thermo-Temp’s Field Services Team has the knowledge and ability to take care of your Temperature Uniformity Surveys, Recorder Calibrations, Temperature Control Calibrations, High Limit Control Calibrations, repairs, and troubleshooting.

Thermo-Temp, Inc. offers a wide scope of sales and services, as well as training for your staff to learn to operate temperature controllers, input set points, program loop alarms, program deviation alarms and set PID (proportional, integral, derivative) parameters.

Whether your situation requires constant heat, or cooling, Thermo-Temp, Inc. can provide the best matched temperature controller for your needs, as well as replacement inputs and outputs. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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Thermo-Temp is your heat treatment process partner. Whether your application is in manufacturing or metal work, the temperature uniformity characteristics and operating temperature ranges of your furnaces and ovens must be maintained and validated to maintain accuracy and compliance in your processes. The Temperature Uniformity Survey report includes a map of the locations measured within the furnace or oven and the measurement results for those locations.

A Thermo-Temp Temperature Uniformity Survey is the first step to achieve and maintain your thermal processing requirements.


Thermo-Temp offers consulting services to assess your current and future capital asset requirements and develop the plan that is right for you. When you are ready to upgrade, replace, or add equipment and instruments, Thermo-Temp has the knowledge and experience to guide your selections and purchases of the products that meet your specialized requirements.

Thermo-Temp takes a comprehensive approach with a rigorous attention to quality when assisting you with capital asset planning.


Maintaining equipment and instruments is integral to their performance and longevity. Thermo-Temp’s maintenance services help you maximize the useful life of your equipment and reduce the frequency of costly replacement purchases.

When it is time to replace a part, instrument, or an entire machine, Thermo-Temp orders the correct items and installs and calibrates it to ensure it complies with requirements and is operating at its highest potential.

Thermo-Temp’s technicians are trained to evaluate the functionality and integrity of your equipment and have extensive experience handling sensitive equipment in the lab or at your site.


If you are replacing equipment or it is approaching obsolescence, Thermo-Temp offers the convenience of liquidating it for you. Stay focused on your business and serving your customers and let Thermo-Temp serve your equipment liquidation needs.

Be sure to check our product offerings for your equipment replacement needs.


Is it time for process improvement? Thermo-Temp offers process improvement consultation to help you maximize productivity and efficiency. Stay focused on continued improvement by asking a Thermo-Temp expert for guidance, recommendations, and solutions for your unique situation or challenge.


If your project or operation needs additional staff to fill a gap or meet a deadline, Thermo-Temp has the resources with the industry knowledge and experience to lend a hand. We offer temporary placement of practitioners with procurement, process improvement, and project management skills at your location or online. Just ask.

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