Weld Monitoring Equipment Calibration & Supply by Thermo-Temp and TVC

Thermo-Temp Inc. is pleased to announce its new partnership with The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd to serve as the designated distributor and calibration service lab in North America for TVC’s weld monitoring equipment and arc weld data loggers. TVC offers a vast array of top-of-the-line weld inspection equipment and software for weld measurement, weld monitoring, weld quality control, welding pipe inspection, welding pulse monitoring, welding temperature monitoring, and more.

TVC’s weld monitoring solutions utilize non-intrusive technology and state of the art software to improve weld quality by monitoring weld parameters and providing feedback to the welder. Professionals in a multitude of industries that depend on precise and reliable welds use TVC products to increase productivity by reducing the number of weld defects and the amount of time spent on rework, reduce costs by reducing the amount of scrap metal and the need for expensive repairs, improve safety by monitoring weld parameters and providing warnings of potential hazards, and maintain weld documentation and compliance.

“TVC is thankful to have such a reputable calibration lab as Thermo-Temp to serve as the designated service provider and distributor for our weld monitoring solutions and arc weld data loggers in North America. Their skilled technicians and extensive experience in electrical calibration make them the perfect fit for the trusted calibration of our weld monitoring equipment.  We look forward to working with them to provide top quality service and faster turnaround for our clients,” said Chris Cathles, Managing Director and CEO of The Validation Center.

Chuck Osterhaus, CEO of Thermo-Temp inc., said “It is an honor to have the opportunity to serve TVC’s clients as the designated service rep and distributor of their weld monitoring products in North America. Their equipment is top tier, and we hear nothing but good things about them from our clients who use them.”

Thermo-Temp, which offers a wide variety of calibration services, was referred to TVC as a quality calibration lab that could service its weld monitoring systems after completing exceptional jobs for a global oilfield services company. With TVC being located in England, and Thermo-Temp’s calibration lab in Houston, Texas, it makes sense for TVC and Thermo-Temp to join in partnership to supply and calibrate weld monitoring equipment in order to provide faster turnaround for clients in North America.

The Importance of Weld Monitoring

In the intricate world of manufacturing and construction, weld monitoring and weld logging stand as a cornerstone for ensuring quality, integrity, and safety. Whether it’s constructing a skyscraper, fabricating a pressure vessel, or assembling machinery, welding plays a pivotal role. However, the process of welding isn’t merely about joining two pieces of metal; it’s about creating a bond that can withstand immense pressure, temperature fluctuations, and structural stresses. This is where weld inspection tools step in, offering a vigilant eye over the welding process to improve its standards and reliability.

Weld monitoring involves the real-time assessment and analysis of various parameters during welding operations. These parameters can include voltage, current, temperature, speed, and even the weld bead geometry. By continuously monitoring these factors, deviations from desired welding parameters can be detected promptly, allowing for immediate corrective action. Weld monitoring is critical for maintaining quality assurance, process optimization, defect detection, documentation and compliance, safety enhancement, and continuous improvement.

The Crucial Role of Calibrating Weld Monitoring Equipment

In the realm of weld quality control, precision is paramount. Weld quality directly influences the safety, durability, and performance of countless products and structures in a multitude of industries including aerospace, nuclear, oil and gas, renewables, and petrochemical. Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of welds demands meticulous attention to weld monitoring equipment calibration, adjusting and validating the accuracy of these instruments to ensure they perform within specified tolerances. Routine calibration of weld data loggers and weld monitoring equipment is crucial for quality assurance and maintaining precision and consistency.

TVC Weld Monitoring Solutions

TVC offers a multitude of quality weld monitoring solutions and arc welding data loggers, which Thermo-Temp distributes and has the skilled technicians to calibrate at its Houston, Texas calibration lab.

One of TVC’s premier weld monitoring solutions is the ALX III Series. The ALX III Series weld monitoring system is a valuable tool for improving the quality, productivity, and safety of welding operations.


The ALX III Series uses non-intrusive probes to monitor weld parameters without contacting the weld. This helps to protect the weld from contamination and damage.

This combined weld inspection tool and weld inspection software can monitor voltage and current as standard. It can also be configured to monitor wire feed speed, gas flow, travel speed, type ‘k’ contact temperature, pure oxygen level, laser depth, multi-channel temperature, and wireless transducers and sensors connectivity.

Some of the available options for this product include pure oxygen level, wireless wire feed, wireless traverse measurement, weld depth, RFID card user login, and bar code scanners for consumable identification.

For more information on the weld monitoring products and calibration services that Thermo-Temp offers in partnership with TVC, give us a call or send us a message and we will be happy to help with what you need.

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